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Where you'll find me ...

I live on the edge of the Peak District with my husband, a fine South African export, and our little boy.


I’m at my happiest lost in the wild clambering up a peak, probably accompanied by my stubborn French Bulldog, Diddy, who hates walks. Shame. But he needs to learn he’s not a cat.


If I’m not out rambling, then you’ll find me surrounded by family and friends, crowded around a table eating and drinking a mix of everything – pass me a red wine or pour me a cold beer – and chatting well into the night.

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 11.46.57.png

credit: Jack McGuire photography


... where you won't!

In 2022 I decided to step away from Instagram. It wasn't an easy decision as I know that it's such an amazing place to connect and collaborate. But for me, the platform had become a distraction and a time-guzzler!


Increasingly, I felt that time spent on there would be better spent connecting with my couples, my family and my friends in person.


So, if you search for me, you will find me on instagram as @pip_thecelebrant but my account is about as active as a bear in winter!

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