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You're getting married!


The question is how do you want to do it?

The big day

... but your way

From micro to all-out weddings,

I’ll create a ceremony that replaces religion and legal jargon with you and your story. From the readings and music to the personal touches and symbolic acts, I’ll weave your relationship into every element creating a totally unique day.

2021-02-21 Bryony + Liam-232_websize.jpg
2021-03-05 Phoebe + James-71_websize.jpg

Escape and elope

... let's run away

Fancy something a little different?

I love nothing more than conducting wild and intimate wedding ceremonies out in the wilderness.

Wherever and however you decide to get married, remember the best bit is that your venue or location of choice doesn’t need a licence because we get all of that out of the way before your wedding day!

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